If I had to pick two of the things that people seem to like most … they would probably be salt and plastic stuff. They love salty snacks, adding salt to fries, heck – they even add salt to sweet things because it “tastes” better, and they use plastic to carry their salt, the food that they’re salting, the beverages they need BECAUSE things are too salty – really I could go on for days.

Knowing how much hoomans adore these two things, it only seems natural that sooner or later, they’d bite the bullet and make the ultimate fusion of the two: plastic salt! The best of both worlds right!? Can’t say I was too surprised when I read the news that 15 different brands of table salt in China now come with plastic particles in them.

… Oh wait, looks like they didn’t do this on purpose … it happened because now there is so much plastic floating around in the ocean that it is LITERALLY becoming inseparable from sea salt. Woof.

Yup … that would be plastic in that salt. Proceed with caution.

In all seriousness, after discovering this, a team of researchers in China looked into the issue and discovered there were over 1,200 particles of plastic per pound of sea salt in the brands they examined. This figures as when plastic breaks down in the oceans, it slowly turns into smaller and smaller particles, but never goes away.

Given the fact that around 8.8 million tons of plastic are dumped in the oceans every year, I can’t say I am too surprised that it’s starting to come back in bizarro forms like this.

Sherri Mason, who studies plastic pollution at the SUNY Fredonia, told Chemical & Engineering News, “Plastics have become such a ubiquitous contaminant, I doubt it matters whether you look for plastic in sea salt on Chinese or American supermarket shelves.”

So people, it’s time to decide what you love more: clean oceans and plastic-contaminant free salt, or those single use containers, cups, and bags? Not to force your paws, but the former is much, MUCH more important.

Lead image source: Kai Schreiber/Flickr