America’s favorite pastime just got a little more exciting — Beyond Meat has announced on Twitter that their Beyond Sausage will be at the Bareburger Yankee Stadium location all season long!

For those who are unfamiliar with the brand, Beyond Meat created the super-popular Beyond Burger, a plant-based burger that “bleeds.” Chock full of pea protein and free of gluten, soy, and GMOs, it has gained recognition for being a healthy meat alternative that tastes and even smells like actual meat. The company came out with the Beyond Sausage in 2017 and has been gradually introducing it to select locations in the U.S. The Beyond Sausage comes in three flavors and is said to have a similar texture, and even a similar “skin,” as meat sausages.


This welcomed announcement arrives in alignment with the news that Beyond Meat has joined the Plant Based Food Association, which was shared by the organization on Twitter. This is a rightful position for such an innovative and successful plant-based food company whose scrumptious creations have converted many skeptics into enthusiastic plant-based product consumers.

Thanks to brands like Beyond Meat, it has never been easier to get plant-based proteins in restaurants and now sports venues! The brand’s ever-growing popularity has even led to Tyson Foods, the world’s biggest processor of meat, to invest, as well as one of our favorite environmentalists, Leonardo DiCaprio – a wise financial decision considering the plant-based meat market is expected to rise to a value of $6.43 billion by 2023.

To learn more about Beyond Meat and the products they create, visit their website here, and give them a follow on Twitter here to stay up to date on the company’s latest news. And make sure to share this exciting news with your baseball-loving friends!

Want to learn more about Beyond Meat and their mission to bring plant-based protein to the world? Check out this recent episode of #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias featuring CEO Ethan Brown:



Image Source: Beyond Meat/Twitter