The abhorrent crime of dog fighting may be illegal in the United States, but it is still an underground industry fueled by human greed. Behind closed doors, dogs are born into an industry that perpetuates a life of violence simply so that the humans in charge can make a dollar. Due to stigmas and negative stereotypes, Pit Bulls and other bully breeds are the most common type of dog subjected to the horrors of the fighting industry. These loving, loyal dogs are routinely subjected to horrible abuse at the hands of their so-called guardians in order to condition them to become aggressive dogs that will turn a profit in the fighting ring. Much like animals on a factory farm, they are not seen as sentient beings who experience pain, fear, and anxiety but are often left with the bare minimum in order to survive.

Recently in Brooksville, Florida, a man was arrested on charges of animal cruelty after police arrived at his home in order to investigate a report of a severely injured dog. According to WFLA, they found a severely injured male Pit Bull locked in a cage underneath the house. It was clear that his wounds had never been tended to by a veterinarian and that his food and water dishes had been empty for a long time. He had likely been used as a “bait” dog, which are typically smaller, more docile dogs that are used to train other dogs to be aggressive and often, to kill. Upon further investigation, officers found a total of 19 adult Pit Bulls and two puppies living in deplorable conditions. The man in question is now under suspicion of running a dog fighting training facility. Looking at the heartbreaking conditions, it’s all too clear that this man had no love for the dogs under his care.


The poor dog in this photo was likely locked up with their wound left untreated after a fighting session. 

While some dogs were left in the yard with heavy chains around their necks, others were completely isolated, locked away in small pens. No food source was present for any of them.

A filthy bucket filled with algae-infested water was the only source for the dog trapped in this makeshift cage.

Instead of warm beds and dishes full of fresh food and water, these dogs were left to live with heavy chains around their necks on hard concrete with only tiny, filthy dog houses to shelter them from the rain. 


Looking at the sweet faces of these dogs, who could ever think to subject them to a life of routine pain and abuse? It’s unthinkable.

Multiple pieces of fighting equipment, along with several muscle builders used on dogs in the fighting industry, were found on the scene.

All dogs on the property were seized and brought to Hernando County Animal Services. At last, they are all safe from this horrible industry.




Once all the dogs had their wounds tended to by a veterinarian, they were each vaccinated, treated for fleas, and fed. The case of their abuse still remains open, as this is a recent discovery, but we can rest easy knowing that these dogs will never be forced to fight again.

If it weren’t for a report of an injured dog, these sweet pups may have never been saved. If you ever come across a yard that looks like this, the best thing you can do is to report it to the local authorities. Here are other ways you can help:


  • Familiarize yourself with the issue.
  • Identify the signs of dog fighting — if a yard looks like these photos, report it!
  • Sign petitions.
  • Share this article to spread awareness and put a stop to all dog fighting

All image source: Hernando County Sheriff’s Office/WFLA