While many people look at shelter websites only when they’re looking to get a companion animal for themselves, there are others who will look at these sites frequently to lend a hand as a foster parent. These foster homes become a place for pups to escape euthanasia on their quest to find forever homes. A woman by the name of Stephanie is one of these people. According to Positively Woof, after adopting her first foster dog, Kane, Stephanie decided to try the endeavor again. As she was scrolling through the Secondhand Hounds shelter website, one particular dog caught her eye: a Pit Bull with incredibly expressive and bold, black eyebrows. This goofy-looking pup was so uniquely adorable, Stephanie decided to foster him. Her friend Kristy went and picked him up and fostered him for the first weekend, ushering him into a new chapter of life. Considering all of the wrongful stereotypes against Pit Bulls and the fact that they sadly have a 93 percent euthanasia rate at shelters, this kind act was the difference between life and death for this pup.

This is Simon, likely one of the most unique Pitties you have ever seen. 


Simon is a very lucky pup who was a part of a litter of 13 that escaped euthanasia in the nick of time when he was picked up by Secondhand Hounds, along with the rest of his family. 

Stephanie isn’t Simon’s first parent, though. This adorable pup was returned by his former adopted family because of housing complications. Since his parents spoke a different language, Simon arrived at Stephanie’s home unable to understand basic commands or his name in English. 

However, slowly but surely, Simon was able to pick up some of these commands and started getting along swimmingly with Stephanie’s other dogs. 

Unfortunately, when Simon arrived at Stephanie’s house, he began coughing. After the sickness was diagnosed as kennel cough, Stephanie knew that getting him adopted would take a little longer than she anticipated. He would have to stay in quarantine for a few weeks. 

Since all Simon had learned about life was from within a kennel, he didn’t have many house manners. He’d jump onto tables, steal food from counters, and barked at anything he saw outside. 

A few applications were submitted to adopt Simon, but none of them were a right fit. Eventually, Stephanie decided to adopt Simon herself! 

Now, Simon is getting better at behaving and even participates in dock diving, a sport where dogs get to jump, swim, and play in water and then are scored based on their jumps. 

Simon loves this activity immensely and spectators always recognize the “dog with the eyebrows.” 

Stephanie knew that handling and training Simon would be a big project but after fostering him for several weeks, her love for him outweighed all of the work that lay ahead of her. 




It can be extremely easy to see a difficult-to-manage dog and deem them as “too big of a burden” to welcome into your home. However, dogs are just like children. Just like it would be wrong to go into an adoption agency and try to pick and choose the perfect human child, it is wrong to go through a kennel and completely ignore all of the dogs with behavioral imperfections. Simon may have started off as a somewhat unruly dog who did not know how to follow commands and did not know any manners. However, as Stephanie proves, with a little patience and a whole lot of love, any dog can be turned into a wonderful companion animal. Not to mention, Simon has become an unofficial ambassador for Pit Bulls and illustrates that this breed of dog is just as loving and playful as any other dog. Simon’s adorable face allows people to see past all of the negative stereotypes this breed has and see Simon for who he really is: just another pup who wants love and has tons of it to give in return. We wish Stephanie and Simon many years of happiness! Click here to learn why you should adopt and not shop for your next companion animal.

All image source: Simon the Pit Bull/Boxer/Facebook