The average dog in a no-kill animal shelter will have to wait 35 days before they are adopted. While factors including breed, age and coloring can alter the estimated “waiting” time for a dog, typically after a month – maybe two – new dogs will find their forever families.

In the case of Chester the Pit Bull, however, his waiting time turned out to be five long years.


Poor Chester has been shuffled around from one rescue shelter to another in the hopes of finding a home to no avail. Statistically speaking, Pit Bulls have a harder time getting adopted due to stereotypes that they are “vicious,” “aggressive” dogs who are not good around children. Although his caretakers described Chester as a “good boy” who loved to take walks and give kisses – hardly falling in line with any false Pit Bull stereotypes – his search for a family was anything but easy.

That is until the kind people who cared for Chester at the Norfolk Animal Welfare League’s Shelter (NFAWL) posted his picture on Facebook.


Amazingly, within a few hours, Chester’s picture was shared with thousands of people. By the third day it was up, the post had over 21,000 shares! And with these shares came an outpouring of willing adopters.


Gabby Stroup the manager of NFAWL, received calls from adopters across America, Canada and even Australia who wanted to take poor, sad Chester into their homes. Now that there was a plethora of families to choose from, Stroup got down to finding the “perfect match” for this deserving pup.

And find a perfect match she did. Chester has now been adopted by a local Michigan family, the Dors.


“They came and met him and it was just a perfect match,” Stroup said. “It was by far the most amazing thing I have ever seen — the amount of people who shared and called or emailed was amazing. This was one of the happiest days.”

Now Chester is living it up with his new family and learning all there is to know about being loved. 

“Somehow the universe pulled it all together,” said Dana Dor, Chester’s new mom. This happy pup came home just in time to celebrate both Passover and Easter with his new family. 

Surrounded by tons of family and new toys, Chester adjusted to the cushy life in no time at all.

In fact, the task of playing with so many new stuffed animals left little Chester absolutely exhausted!

The good new is that Chester will never have to look far for a nap buddy in his new home. 

Enjoy your new life, Chester! 

All image source: Chester Waiting for Five Years/Facebook