We all go a bit crazy after adopting a new fur-baby. Whether we put on a special voice every time we speak to them, or proclaim them to be THE cutest animal that ever walked the surface of this Earth, there’s no doubt about it: having a new companion animal in our lives can bring us to a level of obsession that we may never have believed we were capable of.

For the new guardians of Sara, a beautiful Pit Bull puppy who was found wandering the streets of Brooklyn, there was nothing that could stymie their obsession but to create a photo tribute to her on Imgur.


Immediately after discovering her, they said, “Spotted this little pup wandering the busy streets of Brooklyn this morning. Looks like she had been abused, attacked by another dog and also hit by a car. Many people walked by and pretended they didn’t see her. However, I couldn’t leave her behind so I rescued her off the streets just a few minutes ago. Her tail never stopped wagging. … We’re naming her Sara after the street we found her on (Saratoga).”

Is it any wonder they fell in love with her? That little face cannot be resisted.

She soon became firm friends with all her new family members.

Including a fellow Pit Bull!

However, she was rather alarmed by the suggestion that one of them might be a hyena…

Don’t you just love her differently colored eyes?

Flying the flag for sweet Pit Bulls everywhere!

Sara’s new guardians have now created this sweet montage of all their dogs together.


It is so wonderful to know that Sara is loved and cherished by her new family. In an ideal world, this would be the future that awaits every single dog who has ever been abandoned, hurt or neglected.

All image source: Imgur