We do not deserve dogs. Seriously. And this is especially true for the “owner” of this beautiful one-year-old Pit Bull named Max, who was found chained so tightly to a tree that he couldn’t move!

Max was found with a padlock around his neck so tight that he was pressed against the trunk of a small tree. This meant he was forced to sit in his own feces and urine and grow steadily thinner by the day because he didn’t even have enough freedom of movement to get water or food; not that his caretaker had even bothered to provide him with any!


Kerry Haney, a volunteer for Don’t Bully Us Rescue, received hundreds of calls, texts, and Facebook notifications reporting a poor dog chained up in Swedesborough, and this is what she found. It took the police around a week to speak with Max’s owner (who has since been prosecuted) before Max could be transferred to Gloucester Counter Animal Shelter to be checked over.

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It’s easy to see why everyone fell in love with Max! Despite never having experienced what it is to be a dog because of his restricted movement, Max has shown nothing but affection toward everyone who has helped him since his rescue. 

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Initially, the shelter was going to keep Max, but when he tested positive for heartworm and failed some of their behavioral tests, they reached out to Don’t Bully Us Rescue who were only too happy to help!

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Max is currently receiving training on how to be a pup! This poor boy hasn’t got a clue; how could he when he’s spent most of his life in the most awful captivity? Max is currently being fostered by Kerry Haney. Haney said, “Max is a puppy in a big boy’s body. He clearly never got to play as a puppy, so he has all the [same] puppy energy and playfulness as a 16-week-old pup! He has no manners yet, but we are working on it.”

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It will forever infuriate and confuse us that people take on pets only to treat them like poor Max has been. Why waste your time and effort in picking up an animal to abuse and neglect them? It takes a special kind of person to sit there watching an animal waste away; this is why we have to become a nation of dog adopters, to gives dogs like Max homes that are full of love instead of cruelty.

Don’t Bully Us Rescue works hard to change the attitudes of people towards Pit Bulls, rescuing dogs like poor Max as well as educating the public and promoting responsible ownership. This beautiful work comes at a cost and relies heavily on kind volunteers and generous donations. If you’re interested in knowing more or even making a donation, please visit their Facebook page. Though be warned; we can’t guarantee that you won’t fall in love with one of their beautiful dogs!

Image Source: Don’t Bully Us Rescue