Faith, a sweet tan Pit Bull mix, came to Manhattan Animal Care Center as a stray. From the moment she walked in, she began to make friends and conquer hearts, as if that was her one goal in life. She is just a perfect pup – but, since she had the bad luck of ending up in a kill shelter, she found herself labeled with a note: “TO BE DESTROYED 03/22/18.” The only thing that can save Faith is a foster or forever home that Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs is now trying to find for her.

Faith is believed to be about four years old and she is perfectly adorable and an ideal candidate for a best friend.

She is quiet in her kennel but always ready and eager to go for a walk on a leash, where she behaves perfectly as well, “motoring along on her little short legs and doing some skips and bounces.”

“Faith is a cuddler, happy with paws in lap for kisses and snuggles, and of course, she’s always lobbying for a treat showing off her ‘sit’ as she gazes longingly at the treat in my hand,” the volunteer writes.

The pup is also very social and happy to meet all humans, greeting anyone and everyone with a smile. She even “rocked her behavior assessment with great scores across all categories, joining in the game of ‘tag’, assuming the play position.”



Faith seems just about the ideal dog and it is unimaginable that she could end this difficult time in any other way than with a new family, becoming the best friend and companion of someone who will love her forever. Faith is on a death row – and she has to be saved!

If you are interested in adopting Faith, you can reserve her online!

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All image source: Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs/Facebook