When is a bird not a bird? When they are a Pit Bull named Birdie, who was found abandoned in a bird cage outside Animal Aide in Oakland Park.

Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation picked up Birdie, and it was immediately obvious that she was abused. She had clearly been bred numerous times and had a severe case of mange that looked as though it had gone untreated for some time. Poor Birdie’s skin was so delicate when they found her that the slightest touch made her sores bleed.


Poor Birdie could barely stand in this dismal cage.

Pit bull in bird cage

While it is perhaps understandable that a person might no longer be able to keep their pet, who in their right mind would put a sweet dog like this in a bird cage and leave them?

pit bull

Birdie was covered in painful sores like this one on her tail.

Her poor legs were cracked and rock-like, bleeding in between the cracks in her skin.


And as another sign of her obvious neglect, Birdie was all but skin and bone.

Can you imagine the puppies Birdie has had to feed while looking as thin and tired as this?

After a little love and attention, Birdie is now on the road to recovery. She is still thin because of a lack of nutrition and her illness, but she is doing well. She has a great temperament with people and other dogs, so she will find a forever home in no time at all.

Birdie’s story is just one of hundreds we hear about dogs who are kept purely to rear new puppies to make their owners money. Breeding dogs tend to be kept in terrible, cramped conditions, barely given enough nourishment to survive and only let out of confinement when they are wanted to breed.


Dogs bred within the puppy mill industry are treated abysmally, kept in small cages in factory-like environments and given little freedom to do any of the things our beloved pets get to do. Puppies are adorable, we know, but stories like Birdie’s highlight why it’s so important to know where our pets are coming from. Remember, adopt, don’t shop!

Organizations like Saving Animal Rescue Foundation have their work cut out saving all the Birdies in the world. Please consider donating if you can to help them continue their amazing work.

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Image Source: Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation