Larry Bird was not a happy camper after he was taken to the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center, but who could blame him? After enduring being abandoned at a basketball court where he was found tethered and alone, this poor pup was faced with the sights, sounds, and confusion of an animal shelter – enough to overwhelm just about anyone. That’s when he decided to take matters into his own paws, face the situation head on, and dive head-first under his shelter cot.

Poor Larry. Don’t worry buddy, we’ll pretend we can’t see you in your hidey-hole.

Many dogs find the hubbub of a shelter system upsetting, especially if they’ve endured abuse in their lives as Larry was suspected to have. Seeing little Larry huddled under his cot, one of the caring employees at the shelter decided to post his picture on her personal Facebook page in an effort to get him adopted quickly.


“He doesn’t like the loud sounds of the other dogs,” she wrote in the picture’s caption.  “He is, however very sweet, but is sadly in our isolation kennel for the current time being. He is a Now Can Go though; please ask about him at the front counter.”

The picture of Larry trying to wear his cot as an invisibility cloak quickly went viral, with people sharing it near and far in an effort to get the sweat-natured pup out of his kennel and into a comfortable home. Thanks to the power of kindness-fueled social media, he didn’t have to wait long to come out from under the bed and into the arms of his new guardian.


Larry is the perfect example of why adopting a dog from a local rescue is such a powerful thing to do, if you have the desire and means for a new member of the family. Overpopulation causes millions of animals to find themselves homeless each year in the United States, with only a fraction finding a forever home. By supporting local shelters and continuing to spay and neuter the animals that we welcome into our lives, we can begin to combat the problem.

Hey, did you see the guy behind me? That’s my new human!

Investing your time and attention on a bully breed is also a wonderful thing to do if you can. Euthanasia rates are highest for Pit Bulls who enter shelters, with the rate hovering around 93 percent. The breed has gotten a bad rap in the media, which is thought to be the largest contributor to this disproportionate euthanasia rate given that the breed is actually known for being quite calm, gentle, and patient.


Take a look at the particular space, training, and exercise needs they require to see if you might be the best pet parent for a Pit Bull before you head down to the shelter. It could end up, quite literally, saving a life if you’re contemplating adoption.

Thanks for everything guys, but we’re blowing this pop stand.

Larry’s story is a true example of a nightmare that turns into a dream come true. Just looking at the difference a human can make in the life of a dog is humbling. His human looks pretty darned happy too, which is exactly the kind of power having a pet can hold. Way to go Larry, best of luck!

We just love a happy ending!

Lead image source: Autumn Phillips Perry/Facebook

In-text image source: Facebook