A Chihuahua and a Pit Bull are looking for a home … together! The duo arrived at the Escambia County Shelter in Pensacola, Florida in January. A family came in to adopt Lil Man, the Chihuahua, and when they started to take him away from his girlfriend, Brandi, the Pit Bull, he made it quite clear he wasn’t going to leave her behind. The little dog began to alligator roll and broke free from his collar, dashing straight back to the Pit Bull.

It was then and there that the shelter decided the pair needed to be adopted together. Unfortunately, finding a home for one dog can be difficult, especially with the negative stereotypes associated with Pit Bulls. So, finding a home for both animals is going to be even more challenging. The two pups are still at the shelter, awaiting a kind person to take them home. Lil Man is a two-year-old, smooth coated Chihuahua and Brandi is a one-year-old, brindle and white Pit Bull Terrier mix.

Escambia County Shelter

Many people believe that animals don’t have the capability to feel emotions in the same way we do, but situations like this prove just how sensitive and intelligent these beings are. Brandi and Lil Man are the best of friends, and we hope someone will open their heart and home to this adorable and unusual couple.

If you are interested  in adopting this duo, or know someone who might be, visit the Escambia Country Shelter website here. Remember that there are thousands of animals waiting for forever home in shelters across the country right now, so please adopt and don’t shop!

Lead image source: Phoenix Rising Rescue/Facebook