As the last vestiges of winter fade off into the distance and the world prepares to warm up, frozen soft serve yogurt chain Pinkberry is helping people stay cool as a non-dairy option finally hits their lineup.

The Tropical Mango falls more into the realm of a sorbet than a soft serve as its primary ingredient is fruit, with the remaining ingredients listed as fruit juice, water, citric acid, and natural flavors. The company is not only excited that they’ve been able to provide an entirely dairy-free and gluten-free product, but that it will also appeal to more health-conscious consumers with its small ingredients list and lack of added or artificial sweeteners.


Ooooh, the mango-y goodness.

The flavor will be available in all of their 250 stores worldwide through the end of June, though if it proves to be a winner it will stick around longer with the promise of more dairy-free flavors in the future. Again, that’s largely dependent on the flavor’s success, so if you want to see more options like this one, it might just be time to Tropical Mango it up this summer.

“The voice from the consumers to provide a dairy-free product was getting louder, so we decided to act quickly and stay ahead of the curve to respond to this emerging trend,” said Laura Jakobsen, senior vice president of marketing for Pinkberry.

And an emerging trend it is. Consumers are moving further and further away from dairy while sales skyrocket for non-dairy alternatives like almond milk. Big name companies like Starbucks have started offering things like coconut milk while their main competitor, Dunkin Donuts, boasts almond milk on their own menu.


Dairy-free caffeination is always a great way to start the day!

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In the world of frozen yogurt, Pinkberry’s addition is hardly new to the scene. The TCBY chain of soft serve shops carries flavors like Silk Coconut and Silk Chocolate Almond while over at Zoyo, those wishing to avoid dairy can pump out some Very Berry, Pomegranate Raspberry or Pink Lemonade. Sprinkle some toasted coconut flakes, chopped nuts and fresh fruit on top and you have yourself a mighty fine treat there.

Is there anything sexier than healthy options? We don’t think so.

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Watching the industry change in order to meet demand is a fantastic thing! For those of us who’ve longed for choices when going out to eat with friends and family who may or may not share our dietary concerns, it’s encouraging to see so many corporations adapting. Making these products big sellers sends a profound message to marketers that consumers no longer wish to purchase things that are bad for our health and the environment!


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