Out To Pasture Sanctuary is a non-profit animal rescue organization in Oregon dedicated to saving innocent lives, including farm animals who have nowhere else to go. The rescue learned about a tiny piglet who was taken away from his mother at just a few days old and destined to be slaughtered if he remained at the farm he was at. Thanks to a network of volunteers, they were able to save this sweet piglet they named Mr. Truffles. But Mr. Truffles’ story doesn’t end there …

The sweet tiny guy was then adopted by a kind-hearted sculptor named Ben who works from home and is able to give the piglet a little extra attention and chin scratches. Way too cute!



Mr. Truffles now gets to spend his days running and playing on five sprawling acres without fear, where one of his favorite games is to attack Ben’s boots. He also has another pig friend named Albert and some pypmy goats to keep him company — talk about living his best life!

If not for the care and devotion of Out To Pasture Sanctuary and their volunteers and donors, Mr. Truffles would have been killed. If you are able, please consider making a donation to Out To Pasture Sanctuary so they can continue to save more innocent lives. To donate, visit their Facebook page here.

Pigs are quickly becoming commonplace animal companions alongside dogs and cats. If you are considering adding a pig into your life, please remember Mr. Truffles and seek out organizations that rescue pigs instead of purchasing one. Not sure if a pig is right for you? Check this out to see if you have what it takes to raise a farm animal properly.

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Image Source: Out To Pasture Sanctuary/Facebook