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Some of you may remember the tragic story of Mofalodi, the scared baby rhino who was miraculously rescued by The Rhino Orphanage after she witnessed her mother being killed by poachers. After some much-needed TLC and around-the-clock care, Mofalodi has gradually become accustomed to her new surroundings, and the photos of her meeting her new best friend at the sanctuary are way too cute!

Charlotte, another orphaned rhino, has an outgoing personality, which was perfect to help bring shy Mofalodi out of her shell.

It didn’t take long (within half an hour) for these beautiful babies to become acquainted.

Their embrace is way too sweet!

Soon their natural instincts kicked in and the two ran off to play together like best friends — simply adorable!


Poaching is a worldwide epidemic that is especially plaguing wild animals in Africa. Rhinos, even those on protected reserves, are regularly targeted for their horns even though their horns are made of the same substance as our own fingernails — keratin. With rhino species facing extinction right before our eyes, organizations like The Rhino Orphanage in South Africa are needed now more than ever. To learn more about the non-profit and donate to their mission, visit their website here.

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All Image Source: The Rhino Orphanage/Facebook