When life gets hectic, the best way to keep focused and centered is to take a quiet minute and just breathe. Whether you take a few seconds or an hour to meditate and restore peace in your mind, this simple trick can work wonders in helping you to take on everything you have going on with stride.

And this trick doesn’t just work for humans – turns out dogs love to hit the zen “reset” button too. Hey, a dog’s life might seem easy from the outside, but you’ve never had to chase squirrels, get in five hours of naps a day, and juggle all the different humans you’re responsible for … it can be exhausting!


In her new photo series “Zen Dogs,” Australian photographer Alex Cearns captures normally lively and fun-loving dogs in the midst of their relaxation time. Seeing the look of pure, serene repose on the faces of these pups will inspire you to take a little time out of your day, reflect and recharge. That or cuddle up with your pup for some zen – AKA nap – time. We won’t judge either way.

“Envision catching the frisbee. You are a light feather jumping five feet in the air to receive the perfect throw.”

“What came first … the kibble or the bowl …”

“Go to your happy place: snuggled in bed with mom and dad on a Sunday. Ahh, sweet serenity!”

This is what utter nervanic bliss looks like.

“Am I meditating yet? Oh, LOL, I just thought that, I guess I’m not … when’s lunch?”

“Set your intention and it will become reality. Okay, I intend to eat an entire bathtub of treats … when I open my eyes, it will appear!”

” Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

“Breathe, treat, repeat. Okay, I am now ready to inspire all of the Green Monster of the world …”

Does this last pup look familiar? Yup, it’s our very own Goji Berry: Chief Happiness Officer of One Green Planet catching a moment of peace – how else do you think she handles the task of wrangling the One Green Planet editorial team?

All image source: Alex Cearns