Dogs love to eat, possibly more than anything else in the world (besides their hooman of course). This love of food causes eating to be a very intense experience for our canine friends. If you have a dog then you know the look of concentration your dog gives you when you hold a snack in the air, and the single-minded focus they have when eating.

Still don’t really understand what we mean? Well this photo series by photographer Christian Vieler from Waltrop, Germany can help us explain. Christian Vieler set out to capture the range of intense emotions dogs experience when eating and  from the looks of it, he’s right on the money!


Most dogs snap up treats in a fraction of a second. We may not be able to see it, but this is what every dog looks like right before he takes a bite. LOL!

We can’t even begin to guess what’s going through this guy’s head!

This gorgeous pooch looks downright bored with the whole thing … or is he so focused that he’s entered a zen trance? Probably the latter!

You can always count on a pug to add a little levity to any situation. Something about them is just so funny! Check this guy out in the lower left shot – he’s just so excited!

To be honest, we’d probably react the same way if someone threw free food at us!

From complete concentration to pure bliss. Look at his satisfied smile on the right. So cute!

It looks like this dog is in the middle of riding a roller coaster!

You may laugh at this one, but it makes us wonder. If someone took a picture of one of us at the right time while we ate, would we look like this? Probably.

This gal looks like she’s already eating a treat. But if you know dogs, there’s always room for more!

From left to right: Anticipation, Excitement, Satisfaction!



Take a look at Vieler’s website or Facebook to see more amazing snapshots of man’s best friend … and their best friends: snacks.

All image source: Christian Vieler