Those of us who are lucky enough to share our lives with a dog know that nothing can compare to the everlasting, boundless love they offer. Whether our dogs are making us laugh with their puppyish antics, or touching our hearts with their wise, calm demeanor in old age, there is nothing we wouldn’t do to make them happy. Even when we must come to the tragic decision to let them go at the end of their lives, our love for them is as steadfast as it ever was.

And now, a Massachusetts-based photographer called Amanda Jones has released a new picture book that seeks to “reveal the unique spark of personality that lasts a lifetime,” by displaying photographs of dogs both young and old. “Dog Years: Faithful Friends, Then and Now” compares pictures of beloved pooches taken when they were puppies and senior dogs, revealing that whether young or old, the beauty of these animals is truly breathtaking.


In the first photo, Abigale is four months old; in the second, she has reached the age of eight years.

Briscoe is just a year old in the first photo; in the second, he has reached the venerable age of ten.

Poppy is shown here, at the age of one and seven years.

Here is the beautiful Corbet, at two and eleven years of age.




The touching images show us that, poignant as it may be to watch our beloved canine companions grow old and lose their puppyish appearance, there is a wonderful tenderness and nobility that only emerges once a dog reaches their senior years. The pictures can cause us to reflect on the privilege of caring for our pups and loving them unconditionally, throughout every stage of their all-too-short lives. You can keep up to date with Jones’  other work through her Twitter page.


All image source: Amanda Jones