Animals from The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary in Aldergrove, British Columbia became the stars of a project that captured something special about the little herd. Floral designer Kaye Fleur and photographer Britt Menze from Menze Visuals have teamed up to create the loveliest photo shoot for the farm animals – letting others see them exactly the way they deserve to be seen.

Adorned with gorgeous flower arrangements, the sanctuary’s residents looked like they came straight from a fairy tale.

The shoot featured, among others, Baby the donkey who was rescued from being sold for meat, and Garth, a pig who survived many health complications after birth.

No animal was left behind …

Even chickens and turkeys received their floral accessories.

The pigs enjoyed the attention and clearly loved serving as models.

The final pictures show just how beautiful and sweet farm animals really are. Sadly, because we are conditioned to see them as commodities or “food,” we rarely recognize they are beautiful, intelligent individuals. 

Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary officially opened in 2014. It provides a loving forever home for all types of animals that have been abused or are at risk.


According to the sanctuary, prints of the beautiful photographs by Brit Menze will be available soon. We certainly can’t wait to get our hands on some to help show the world that farm animals are someones … not somethings!

To learn more about The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary, click here.

All image source: The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary/Facebook