There have been a lot of famous best friends through history. You’ve got Abbot and Costello, Batman and Robin, Joey and Chandler, etc. They’ve all been pretty inseparable, be it fighting crime or inventing Ultimate Fireball (… or Hammer Darts … or Cups…geez, Joey and Chandler invented a lot of game), but none of them can hold a candle to Mali and Teddy.

Residing in Germany with their guardian Gabi Strickler, Mali and Teddy are complete and utter best friends. Thank goodness for the rest of humanity that Gabi is a photographer, which means she can capture the moments of adorableness that ensue when Mali naps, plays and goes on walks with his cuddly buddy. It’s no wonder that Gabi says Mali and Teddy are her favorite subjects!


The fact that Teddy is a teddy bear and Mali is a Golden Retriever changes nothing about the strength of their bond. Together they can take on the world, one precious photo at a time!

 Hey, Teddy … do you wanna build a snowmannnn? Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

 Anybody have an idea for how to get him out of there? Any thoughts? Nothing?

You realize I’m gonna get blamed for yanking those flowers out of the garden, right?

 Yup, this is definitely wet. I don’t think a donut is going to be effective coverage. Just sayin’.

Man, you and Winnie the Pooh should swap stories about isolated rainclouds. Must be a bear thing. 

Hanging out with you was the best idea I’ve ever had.

You can throw as many camera lenses in here as you want, I’m still gonna drink this water, bro.

Lifeguard on duty.

I’ll help you out buddy, I told you not to swim in the deep end.


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Image Credits: Gaby Stickler/Facebook