What wouldn’t any of us give to go on the grandest of grand adventures, creating amazing memories with our best friend? That’s exactly what photographer Alice van Kempen did. With Claire, her three-year-old Bull Terrier in tow, Alice ventured forth into the most stunning abandoned buildings in Europe. Together, the duo shared one of their favorite activities: Claire poses for photos and Alice takes her portrait.

Alice describes Claire as her “muse” and we can definitely see why. These are among the most stunning dog portraits we’ve ever seen!


Looks like this sly dog has been caught in the act of burglary! But she’s cute, so we forgive her.

Alice calls this gem “The English Patient.”

“The ‘dog-ter’ will see you know, ma’am.”

“Come. Listen as I play you the song of my people.”

“Why, I’d say we’re lucky, my dear! I’ve never seen the train so empty!”

We wish we could visit every one of these whimsical settings. 

“Work, work, work, that’s all I ever do around here!”

“What’s your destination, madam?”

Alice truly captures the vibes of the Age of Innocence in this one.

“…Hello? Are you okay?”

“It’s not much, but it’s home.”

“I must confess, I’m not quite sure what to make of your presence.”

This should totally be hanging on our living room wall.

“Moo-oooom, can’t we take a break from photos? I need a nap.”

“If I didn’t do the laundry around here, it’d never get done!”




With gorgeous photos like these, we absolutely believe that Claire is Alice’s muse. Aren’t they all just full of whimsy and beauty? You can find more amazing portraits of Claire on Alice’s Instagram. Don’t her photos inspire you to try your hand at photographing your own animal companion?

All image source: Alice van Kempen/Instagram