If you have lived with a dog then you are familiar with their spontaneous “turbo boost” moments. You can always tell when it’s coming. Your pup gets that sparkling look in their eye like Indiana Jones discovering the Holy Grail, except for dogs the Grail is filled with treats and the secret of how to make cats leave you alone. Then, inevitably, comes the epic victory lap. Your dog might spend most of the day napping on the couch or sitting on your feet, but when it’s turbo time they turn into the world’s most active pooch – rather they cease being a dog and become a blur of pure energy.

Using what we can only imagine is an incredibly fast shutter speed camera, Reddit user Babolattack managed to capture this moment in action. The morning dew perfectly captures the dog’s path, the only evidence that the dog was ever really there at all.


So, dog or Nascar driver? You decide.