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Whales are beautiful, intelligent, majestic creatures. Sadly, hundreds of thousands of them die as a result of bycatch, shipping accidents, plastic Pollution, among other man-made issues every year. Within the first eight days of April, four gray whales had washed up in California’s Bay Area. The number has increased to at least 12 since then.

Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have classified this period of die-offs as an “unusual mortality event” and are currently looking into the potential causes. The most likely culprits are starvation due to Climate change disrupting their food source, fishing gear entanglement, or crashing into ships. This was the case during another “unusual mortality event” in 2019.

Source: KRON 4/YouTube

Every year, grey whales migrate 10,000-12,000 round trip, spending winter in Mexico and summers in the Arctic. Dr. Jeff Boehm, veterinarian and CEO of the Marine Mammal Center explained the connection between Climate change and whale deaths, “if water temperatures are rising, then the foods they feed on may no longer make their home in Arctic waters, leaving the whales hungry for the next few months, when they don’t feed often as they migrate.”

While gray whales aren’t considered endangered, their population is steadily decreasing. In just four years, from 1998 to 2002, there was a 25% decrease in the grey whale population and the situation does not seem to be improving much. With Climate change becoming worse and temperatures continuing to rise, whales could face even more food scarcity during future migrations. Something has to be done to prevent another “unusual mortality event.”

Sign this petition to tell Congress to take this unusual die-off seriously. Lawmakers must pass legislation to fight Climate change and reduce ocean Pollution from fishing, plastics, and other debris!

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