The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) website asserts that the Agency’s “basic mission is to protect human health and the environment — air, water, and land.” The Agency was erected in 1970 under President Richard Nixon, in response to public concern about the impact of human activity on the environment. Since, it has championed the Clean Air Act, effectively protecting the health of millions of Americans by regulating greenhouse gas emissions. But all of that is about to change if something isn’t immediately done to stop the new leadership appointment by President Donald Trump.

The President’s nominee is Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma’s Attorney General, who is an outspoken climate denier. This man’s LinkedIn profile proudly proclaims him to be “a leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda,” and his past actions demonstrate how true that is. He has sued the very Agency that he is now meant to lead at least thirteen times, each time attempting to quash emission regulations designed to protect air and water quality. He has repeatedly sided with industry interests instead of supporting public health and safety, including that of both people and animals, and it takes just one good look at his campaign donor list to see why his loyalties belong to the likes of the Koch brothers and Harold Hamm, the CEO of Continental Energy who tried to cover up the oil and gas industry‘s links to earthquakes in Oklahoma.

Climate change has reached a critical phase, and we face astronomical risks to our own survival if we don’t immediately double down and do everything we can to protect this environment that currently serves us so completely. This is very unlikely to be accomplished under Pruitt’s lead, and if his past actions tell us anything it’s that he will support the complete opposite by catering to polluting industry profits and dismantling any progress the Agency has achieved to date.

We can’t sit back and allow this to happen. We must act now in order to safeguard the natural resources we require for healthy living.

Speak up by contacting your Senators today and urging them to block Pruitt’s nomination before it’s too late.

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Image source: Thidarat Phonphaisansak/Shutterstock