Puppy mills are terrible places where puppies are kept in wire cages that are caked with their own feces. The animals suffer from a variety of health issues, which lead to premature death, and mother dogs who can no longer be bred are killed in a variety of cruel ways. Because the parents are only used to breed and are not sold, they are treated even worse.

Source: The Reality of Puppy Mills | The Humane Society of the United States


The Puppy Palace is a store in Connecticut where people can buy various breeds of puppies. They claim that all of their puppies are from USDA licensed breeders rather than puppy mills; however, that does not mean that their business is cruelty-free. Under the Animal Welfare Act, these types of puppy breeders can still confined dogs to small cages for their entire lives, deny them adequate exercise/socialization, keep them in extreme temperatures, among other forms of inhumane treatment. Furthermore, there are over 12,000 facilities and only 115 puppy mill inspectors. Thus, it would be very difficult to keep tabs and ensure the animals are being kept in even the lowest approved standards.

Now they are looking to expand their store and open another location in Farmington, CT. Even if The Puppy Palace’s breeders treat their animals humanely and provide them proper care, there is still no reason for people to buy dogs. There are so many dogs in shelters and pounds across the country that need their furever homes. Remember: adopt don’t shop! Sign this petition to show town officials that Farmington residents do not want the town supporting this type of place!

To continue speaking up, sign these other petitions as well:

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