Dandelion the Dog has risen to internet fame. Images of him have gone viral on TikTok because his owner has dyed his coat bright red. Not only is this not good for her dog, but it could also be dangerous for other animals if their owners want to try the same thing. His owner is claiming that this nonconsensual dye job is a sign of her love for him and that it’s for his benefit. She says that his newly bright color will make him less likely to be stolen or hit by a vehicle.

In reality, her motive doesn’t seem to be as pure. It’s more likely that she is doing this for followers, clicks, and “likes.” She’s even named her Instagram account “Dan the Big Red Dog.” An Instagram user pointed out the dangers of potential future copycat events by other pet parents. They wrote, “How will you feel when someone inevitably copies what you’ve done but doesn’t use a ‘safe’ dye? Without the proper knowledge, someone could accidentally inflict chemical burns or an allergic reaction on their dog.”

Source: BVIRAL/Youtube

According to PETA, not only can dying dogs’ hair cause serious allergic reactions, but it can also stress them out. Some animals may even sustain burns or be fatally poisoned by the toxins. Dogs are extremely smart and loyal and they are not here for human amusement. No animal should have to endure unnecessary beauty treatments. Sign this petition to demand TikTok and Instagram protect pets by preventing this type of glorified animal exploitation on their platforms!

To continue speaking up, sign these other petitions as well:

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