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Ringling Brothers and Barnam & Bailey have become household names in the circus business. Their shows are known for the extravagant display of wild animals, tamed to perform at the will of the “incredible” trainers. Well, at least that is the show that audiences see from the comfort of their seats.

From the perspective of the animals, the Ringling Brothers and Barnam & Bailey Circus is the cruelest show on Earth. Ringling is notorious for unbridled animal abuse. Since 1992, 30 elephants have died in their care. Tigers have died of heat stroke, and all of the animals lack proper veterinary care. Ringling has been fined a total of $270,000 for several violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

Taking a look behind the scenes and learning where these animals come from and how they’re trained is a shocking experience to say the least. Check out our exposé on Ringling Brothers and Barnam & Bailey to learn more.

However, despite their incredibly cruel treatment of animals, the show continues to go on. Recently, PETA attended a show and live tweeted the entire event. Let’s take a look at the heartbreaking highlights:



Pretty crazy, right!? But the good news is you don’t need to sit idly by and allow this cruelty to continue! Join our campaign boycotting Ringling Brothers and Barnam & Bailey by sharing this graphic on social media and telling the world why you refuse to Support their cruelty!



Lead image: Usien/Wikimedia Commons