After receiving a call that an adult leaf-eating Dusky Langur, in need of rescuing after being attacked by a troop of wild langurs, Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) immediately went to save her. They quickly rescued the poor primate and brought her back to their center where they found a few small wounds from the encounter.

WFFT believes this adorable Langur was taken in as a pet, due to her tame and friendly nature, but when they decided to release her back to the wild things took a terrible turn.

Many langurs are taken in as exotic pets, but their keepers soon realize that they cannot care for a wild monkey. After all, they’re called “wild” for a reason! 

A home is no place for a wild monkey to live. Once keepers realize this, they often abandoned them at temples and leave the monkeys to an unknown fate.

In this monkey’s case, she was released back into the wild. While the wild is certainly where langurs belong. However, after years of captivity and confinement, a langur does not have the proper skills to survive in the wild. Because of this, they’re often attacked and unable to defend themselves.

Thankfully, organizations like WFFT are doing everything they can to ensure that endangered animals receive the care and protection they need. After all, the exotic pet trade isn’t the only threat that langurs face. Because of habitat loss and poaching for the bushmeat trade, the Dusky Langur is listed as “near threatened” on the ICUN Red List.



This story proves that wild animals should never be kept as pets. If you’d like to support WFFT’s amazing work, consider making a donation by clicking here.

All Image Source: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand/Facebook