There is no question, hoomans love dogs. Like seriously, I have at least 10 designated “Goji Treat Stations” in my human’s office and every time I go out to play in the park, a minimum of three people stop my mom and dad to ask if they can pet me. Not to toot my own squeaky toy, but I must say I am pretty popular amongst the two-legged folks.

And it’s not just me, either. I’m told that dogs are the most popular pets in the U.S. (So sorry kitties, but until you learn how to answer to your own name and do tricks, keep on walkin’!) All of this makes total sense to me … but one thing that I was completely surprised to learn was that there are over 70 million homeless pets in the U.S.


In case you didn’t get that … that number is 70 MILLION!!



My feelings exactly little pup! Of those 70 million, only around six to eight million make it into shelters every year and about HALF of those animals find forever homes. That’s over three million dogs and cats who are ready, willing, and able to be your new lap warmer, confidante, and outfit approver left to wallow in a sad, cold shelter. Malarky if you ask me!

So please, people, if you are looking to add a pup – or even a cat – to your family, consider adoption. I can guarantee that the furry friend you adopt will love you for the rest of their lives for it.