An injured two-pound kitten left all alone on a busy road needed all the luck in the world for help to arrive in time. Fortunately, and maybe even miraculously, luck indeed was on Matilda‘s side – she was found by a kind person and quickly taken to The Arrow Fund where she received much-needed help. The adorable kitten is now doing better, but the nature of her injuries left her new carers speechless.

After the rescue, Matilda was examined by two vets. Both of them had the same suspicion – the kitten looked as if a wringing or twisting action had been done to her little body before she was abandoned …


Matilda’s pelvis is broken, but she is not in serious pain. The kitten is now at the Bannon Woods Veterinary Hospital, and the rescue team is hopeful that with a proper treatment plan, she will improve.

Once she is ready to leave the hospital, Matilda will move in with her foster family.


Matilda is now in good hands and receiving specialized care thanks to the people who were determined to help her – especially the good-hearted person who found and rescued her from the dangerous road in the first place, and her foster parents who agreed to help her heal. It is thanks to those people and the invaluable team at the rescue that Matilda’s future is now looking much brighter.


You can help Matilda by donating to her medical care via the rescue’s website.

To learn more about The Arrow Fund, click here.

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All image source: The Arrow Fund/Facebook