A kind-hearted person traveled almost halfway across Australia to save a little lamb in need of a safe haven and get her to the Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary. The lamb, Ray Ray, was born without eyes due to a condition known as microphthalmia. Fortunately, this sweet animal had the incredible luck of finding Alex, her rescuer, who was willing to make the long journey to ensure that Ray Ray will have the best life she possibly can.

Ray Ray’s condition affects lambs whose parents carry the recessive gene, and it is characterized by very small or completely absent eyes.


The fact that Ray Ray was born different from most lambs does not hold her back. Being sightless “does not stop her in her desire to experience the world and all of her magic,” the Edgar’s Mission team writes.

The lamb is unusually brave and loves to “jump with wanton abandon at any opportunity.”

In her new home, Ray Ray has a “seeing eye buddy” who is now getting used to wearing a bell which lets the lamb know where her friend is at all times.

Ray Ray is also slowly learning to walk in the direction of the sound of her carers’ clapping hands.

This sweet little one is now completely safe and sound at the sanctuary – and her caretakers are calling her “a little Ray Ray of sunshine” who has come into their world.



“Although Ray Ray cannot see, her indomitable spirit serves to ensure we stay fast to our vision that a kinder world is possible and that the best way to help create this is to extend our kindness and compassion to the meek and the vulnerable,” the team writes about the lamb.

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All image source: Edgar’s Mission