The team at Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary and Adoption Centers in Arlington, Washington has given a five-year-old cat named Gobo Fraggle the makeover of his life. The rescued Persian cat came to the sanctuary in a miserable condition – he was covered with tangled, matted fur that must have been neglected for years. Thankfully, this was exactly what his new human friends were there for.

Gobo is one of the 24 cats and 16 dogs rescued from a property where the animals were kept in small dirty cages, Love Meow reports. Purrfect Pals took in 15 of the cats from the shelter to give them the urgent care they had to receive.

“None were spayed or neutered before going to the shelter,” the team told Love Meow. “The cats are scared to death, covered in sores, horribly matted and suffering from upper respiratory infections among other things.”

The cats were taken to the vet to receive much-needed medical treatment. When it comes to Gobo, he was also in for a lot of serious grooming.

Dr. Leslie Kasper (Lead Shelter Veterinarian) and MJ Zelinka (Operations Manager and LVT) teamed up to shave off the matted fur on the little patient’s body.

The team was shocked at the cat’s initial state: “He was matted everywhere, including between his toes, and his nails were so long that they had grown into his paw pads.”

After two hours of work, Gobo was all done and finally freed of all the dirty and heavy fur that he had had to carry around for so long. “This has to be one of the most amazing makeovers we’ve given at Purrfect Pals!” the staff wrote.



Life is finally easier – and a lot lighter – for Gobo. The kitty is now receiving the best care from the vets and being properly pampered by the volunteers. “Gobo is shy at first but can’t resist having his ears rubbed,” the staff shared. “He isn’t nearly as grumpy as he looks in photos now that he’s sporting that fancy new haircut.”

You can help Gobo by donating to his medical bills here.

All image source: Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary and Adoption Centers/Love Meow & Facebook