On a recent trip to Aransas Pass, Texas, a group of vacationers spotted a stranded baby dolphin on the shore and heard him crying out for help. Concerned for the life and safety of this helpless baby, they inched their boat closer until they could clearly assess the situation.

Making sure not to disturb the little dolphin or hit him with the boat, they stopped at a distance while a member of the party, Charlie Carreon, dove into the water and swam toward the shore. At just a few feet long, the precious dolphin had become stuck in the dense sand and did not have the strength to break free.


After a number of sincere attempts to free the sweet creature, Carreon’s efforts were a fantastic success, and the baby dolphin soared across the rippling waves into the ocean, where we hope he found his pod. Upon recalling the events of the rescue, Carreon said, “He was able to swim off, and now I feel like incredible that he is alive.”

This story is a beautiful example of how anyone can become a hero for animals, even when one least expects to. Please share this heartwarming story with your friends and family to inspire them to also act on behalf of animals.

As an important note, if you ever come across an injured marine animal, it is always best practice to contact a professional before intervening. Here are some hotlines that might be helpful.