Copperhead snakes are not only among the most common in North America but also they are also very well known for their painful bites. Their bites are rarely fatal to humans, but it is not only people who can learn what a snake bite is like first-hand. Sadly, five little hound puppies who are now in the care of Halo’s Second Chance Animal Rescue were recently bitten by a copperhead snake. This encounter could have ended the worst possible way…

The unfortunate incident happened on the porch of the puppies’ foster home in East Tennessee. The unsuspecting little bunch was playing and relaxing outside when, unfortunately, they crossed paths with the snake.

The puppies’ bodies began to visibly swell right after the attack. They began to whine out of pain and were rushed to an emergency veterinarian. The pups were taken care of, but the bill to save them has skyrocketed to over $8,000. Each vial of serum to counteract the poison costs $900.

Unfortunately, there weren’t funds to treat the dogs with more than one vial – which was they hoped would be enough. The enormous bill was a serious blow to the rescue that saves more than a hundred dogs from high kill shelters every month. To help save the rescue, a GoFundMe page has been set up by Rebecca Begoon Floyd.

Since the launch of the fundraiser on June 16, 2017, over $10,000 of the initial $8,000 goal has been raised thanks to over 200 wonderful people who were willing to help the puppies!

Together with the latest update on the dogs came the happy news – all of the five puppies will live! They have been released from the emergency vet and will undergo hydrotherapy while still on pain medications and antibiotics.



The puppies still have quite some time before they are fully back to health – but recovery is most certainly ahead of them.

“We are past the immediate danger,” Begoon Floyd writes on the GoFundMe page, “and this incident could have put our rescue under without the compassion and support of you!”

To learn more about the Halo’s Second Chance Animal Rescue, click here.

All image source: Rebecca Begoon Floyd/GoFundMe