It is difficult to imagine a world where half of the animals, many of which we grew up learning about, do not exist. But sadly, this is becoming reality. A recent study found that we’ve lost around  58 percent of the world’s wildlife in the past 40 years alone, largely due to human actions. From habitat destruction to the illegal pet trade and poaching, the world’s wildlife is running out of time – and the rhino is one of the most impacted species.

Since 2008, the practice of rhino poaching has escalated rapidly. Today, the poaching levels are higher than ever. There are only five species of those animals left – two subspecies have already been wiped out. All in all, around 29,000 individuals are left in the wild and every year, 1,000 rhinos are poached.

Unfortunately, rhinos are being mercilessly targeted for their horns because, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that their horn possesses very strong medicinal qualities. In reality, rhino horns are made entirely of keratin, the same protein that makes up our own hair and nails.

To help rhinos in the light of this terrible reality, organizations like The Rhino Orphanage are doing their utmost to rescue and rehabilitate little rhinos who have lost their parents to poachers.

Raising rhinos requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Like human babies, rhinos need lots of comfort and support. To help make their rescued little ones feel warm and loved, a group of people from Blankets for Baby Rhinos recently donated a whole stack of warm blankets! 

The blankets have been a big success with the orphanage’s baby rhinos. Thanks to the gifts, the animals will be warm at night and have something nice and soft to lie down on.

This big heap of beautiful crocheted blankets is just about the sweetest gesture for the little rhinos we have seen – and a greatly important one in the current situation, when rhinos’ very existence if so heavily threatened.

Little J’aime, one of the orphanage’s residents, was absolutely charmed by her new blanket – she even wanted to keep it on during her walk!



Blankets For Baby Rhinos is a group of kind volunteers who hand-make blankets for rescued little ones. The gesture of empathy and support for the calves at The Rhino Orphanage shows how kind-hearted and thoughtful people can be. Given the dire status facing rhinos, we are so pleased to see people stepping up and doing all they can to help – who knew knitting could help save rhinos!

To visit The Rhino Orphanage’s website and learn more about their work and how to support the organization, click here.

Image source: TheRhinoOrphanage/Facebook