Say hello to Two Paws! This super sweet, Energizer Bunny, five-month-old kitten came to the Brother Wolf Animal Rescue after suffering from an untreated injury when he was a baby. Unfortunately, Two Paws will never walk normally and needs a little help going to the bathroom, but he’s not letting that stop him from living his best life. With the help of his special, 3-D printed wheelchair, Two Paws runs as fast as the Flash.

Special needs cats like Two Paws often have difficulty getting adopted because people don’t quite understand them. Though they are different, they are still very much the same as other cats. They love to play. They love to sleep. They love to cuddle. They love it all. Except, what makes special needs cats unique is the gratitude they show when they are truly loved and cared for. It’s as if they understand it all.


Despite his disability, Two Paws can also climb and play like any other kitten. This sweetheart is currently seeking a new family who has the time, love, and patience to help provide for him and his special needs. Are you that family? If you think so, please email [email protected] and bring Two Paws to his forever home.