With over 70 million stray dogs wandering the streets in the U.S. today, it’s unfortunately not that surprising when tragedy strikes these poor pups. Sometimes it’s as small as playing with a toy that wasn’t actually much of a toy, but sometimes more serious situations occur, like getting hit by a car. Since stray dogs don’t have sweet guardians like other pets, they can get hit by a car and go unnoticed for days, weeks, and even months. People either don’t notice them as they’re walking by, or simply feel that taking care of an injured dog would be too much of a burden.

This was the case for Mike, a Corgi-Beagle mix from Washington D.C. who was the victim of a hit and run and left for dead by the perpetrator. A Good Samaritan found Mike along the roadside and after some time at the shelter and a new wheelchair, the pup was taken into a foster home by a kind soul who saw past his condition and wanted him to wait for his forever family outside of the shelter.


After taking Mike into her home and seeing his vivacious spirit, Sara Murphy decided to rename the pup “Magic Mike.” 

“He’s doing really well with his situation,” Murphy shares. “He’s gotten really strong in the wheelchair. He goes further and further every day.”

In addition to being playful and sweet, Magic Mike is apparently quite the singer, often heard yodeling along with Murphy’s band during practice. 

Clearly, nothing can break this pup’s bright spirit! 

Murphy now works to get Magic Mike in better shape so he can be adopted. Right now, they’re doing basic canine physical therapy and she hopes that whoever adopts Mike is ready to invest some money in professional care for him. 

With all of the puppy stores nowadays, it may seem like adopting a dog like Magic Mike is an unnecessary burden. However, there is a lot of value in adopting a sweet pup like Mike. Not only are you giving a dog another chance at life and literally rescuing them from being put down at shelter, but you are helping put an end to cruel puppy mill operations that can only stay afloat with consumer support. We hope Magic Mike finds a forever home real soon, he deserves it!

All image source: ABC 7 News Washington DC