Ethel spent a long time living on a chain, treated like no living being should be. Abused and used over and over again for breeding, she never knew anything else but that circle – and her chain. But, finally, those days are all in the past for her. Thanks to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the dog is now getting her second chance at a life full of love and respect. And so are her puppies.

Living on a chain outside a crack house, Ethel was being repeatedly used for breeding, her puppies sold to pay for drugs. Starved almost to death, she was scouring for food to try and feed her recent litter to keep the babies alive and well. According to her rescuers, she would even cry out from her little appointed piece of the yard – hoping that she could somehow be saved., And finally – she was!


 Animal Control had been called multiple times about her condition – but, for some reason, they failed to act.

Ethel’s rescue by the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC team took weeks…

At last, one day, the rescuers had the chance to move in and save Ethel together with her most recent puppies.

The family is now completely safe and under the organization’s care!


The nightmare of constant abuse is over – and these pups are finally safe, never to suffer at human hands again. You can donate to Ethel and their puppies’ medical care through the rescue’s website.

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All image source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC/Facebook