The beginning of Canela’s story is hard to believe – the sweet dog, a Basset mix, was brought to the Compassion Without Borders’ clinic in Mexico in a trash bag. The person who brought her in requested that the dog be euthanized because of parasites. Naturally, the rescue group would not have that – and they took her under their wing, with the loveliest results.

Canela was in for a few months of treatment and care to start off her new life…

…Now, she is a happy and completely healthy girl with a big, big smile!




Thanks to the dedication of the rescue team, Canela is now ready to go to California and look for a forever home – this time a proper, loving, and responsible one!

She and 28 of the 59 dogs, who were recently rescued by Compassion Without Borders from Mexico in the organization’s biggest international rescue to date, are still looking for transport sponsorship. The cost of one dog’s transportation is $150 but it is priceless help that could save their lives!

You can donate towards the dogs’ transportation on the rescue’s website.


To learn more about Compassion Without Borders, click here.

All image source: Compassion Without Borders/Facebook