Greyhound racing in Florida could very well be on its way out!

Amendment 13 aims to phase out Greyhound racing in the state of Florida entirely by 2020, and it has received some of the biggest names in celebrity endorsement. Ellen DeGeneres, Owen Wilson, Slash, and Pierce Brosnan are just a few of the many celebrities who are calling on the public to vote Yes to 13. Florida is home to 11 of the last 17 Greyhound racing tracks still in operation in the US, and the passing of this amendment would cause a significant blow to the dog racing industry, which is exactly what we want to see.


A letter on the Humane Society website, signed by celebrities, elected officials, businesses, civic organizations, animal welfare organizations, local animal shelters, and veterinarians, calls for all Floridians to vote in favor of the amendment. The Humane Society’s acting CEO Kitty Block said, “Greyhound racing involves substantial cruelty, with a dog dying on a Florida track every three days. We are grateful that so many public figures are keeping this issue in front of voters.”

So what is so cruel about Greyhound racing? Where do we start?! Around 8,000 dogs in Florida are kept in cramped metal cages that barely give them any freedom of movement. These Greyhounds typically spend between 20 and 23 hours of their day, every day, locked up like this. Since the state of Florida started tracking Greyhound deaths on racing tracks, 493 dogs have died. 94 percent of these were three years or younger.


Racing Greyhounds often suffer from serious injuries. Since only May 2017, 87 injuries have been reported, which include 64 with broken bones and five who died. More than 400 Greyhounds in the last decade have tested positive for drugs, showing the alarming amount of doping that goes on in this so-called entertainment. And as if drugging them isn’t enough, Greyhounds are typically fed on meat derived from dead, dying, or diseased and disabled animals.



Grey2k USA’s executive director Carey Theil sums up the possibilities of Amendment 13 perfectly, saying, “Greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane. Floridians have a once in a lifetime opportunity to help thousands of dogs by voting Yes on 13.” If you are a Floridian, please do your part! Say Yes to 13 and save the lives of these 8,000 Greyhounds!

In-text Image Source: Grey2K USA

Lead image: David Merrett / Flickr