Everyday people choose to protest SeaWorld by not attending their parks, not purchasing novelty SeaWorld orca plushies, and telling their friends to steer clear of SeaWorld when planning vacations. But now, the protest is spreading to a whole new and amazing level, businesses are joining the protest and refusing to accept SeaWorld’s money as a sign of solidarity.

The Goodmen Project reported this weekend the incredible news that a business, Outdoorplay.com, stood up to SeaWorld, delivering the marine park giant quite the slap in the face saying they cannot accept their business.

The CEO of Outdoorplay sent SeaWorld a letter informing their company, “Although I would love to take your money, our company does not support the ethics of your current business model.”

Canceling SeaWorld’s order, the CEO of Outdoorplay certainly showed SeaWorld that “there are more important things than profit.”

Preach! To follow up on the veracity of this e-mail, the author of The Goodmen Project’s piece, Dixie Gillaspie,  personally called Tree and Stevie, the CEO’s of Outdoorplay. What Gillaspie got from Tree and Stevie was just the answer we were all hoping for: confirmation that they do not approve of SeaWorld and chose to not accept their order because they view ethics second to profit.

In response to Gillaspie’s inquiry if profit should be the priority of a company, the CEO duo responded, “We’re a for-profit too, and a for-profit has to make a profit. But if you have to violate your ethics – that’s the tipping point.”

A tipping point indeed, and hopefully one that will someday cause SeaWorld to sink. But until then, we thank Outdoorplay for standing up and seeing what is truly more important for the big picture that is happening here. A revolution starts with one ripple, but needs many many more to turn into a wave and wash away the wrongs of the past.

To learn more about the extraordinary people behind Outdoorplay, click here to read the entire article posted by The Goodmen’s Project.