Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) was recently contacted by a rescue unit in Chumphon Province about a baby dusky langur who had been found by the team. The infant langur was orphaned after his mother had been attacked by a pack of feral dogs and, tragically, she did not survive. The little langur was left completely alone, unable to go on. The WFFT Rescue Team set out right away to get to the orphaned animal and take him into their care. Now, the baby has a new name, Kanoon, and he keeps fighting for his life at the rescue’s hospital.

The rescuers were shocked to find the tiny langur with his many bite wounds, which he had sustained during the attack. The team estimated that the infant was just around one week old – as his umbilical cord was still attached.

The baby was quickly fed a special milk formula and rushed right to the WFFT Wildlife Hospital.

A thorough medical examination at the hospital showed that Kanoon had a punctured lung and numerous superficial bite wounds to his head.

He is currently under 24-hour intensive vet care – and has become especially fond of a big teddy bear which was given to him for comfort.

The teddy bear cannot replace the baby’s lost mother, but it is at least something soft and fluffy that he can cuddle up to – and, being just a week old, Kanoon really needs this kind of comfort.

According to WFFT, attacks on wild animals by feral dogs and cats are common in Thailand and may have long-term negative effects on Thailand’s wildlife.


The dusky langur is listed as Near Threatened (NT) on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. As WFFT points out, hunting and the illegal pet trade are two major threats that langurs have to face, alongside habitat loss and degradation due to the expansion of agriculture and urbanization. There is reason to believe that the species is now in decline.

Unfortunately, the survival rate for young orphaned langurs is low, WFFT team says. This fact and the reality of his injuries do not paint a very hopeful picture for little Kanoon, but his rescuers are committed to doing all they can for him. Hopefully, there is a little miracle in store for Kanoon.

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All image source: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand/Facebook