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The incredible David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) – which has for several decades dedicated itself to rescuing injured, ill, and orphaned wild animals in Kenya – has just done it again! This time, they have taken in a new born orphaned giraffe named Kiko. He was found on the the outskirts of Meru National Park on September 19th by the DSWT Mobile Veterinary Unit.

Sadly, DSWT said that “the fate of tiny Kiko’s mother has not been able to be confirmed, but it assumed [she was a victim of] human-wildlife conflict. We are currently giving Kiko the best care possible.”

Now that he has been brought to a place of refuge and peace, the fear Kiko felt at being left all alone in the world has begun to fade away.

The DSWT team are doing their very best to care for him and let him know that he will be kept safe from now on.

Since his rescue, he has slowly begun to open up to the love of his carers … and even allow himself some playtime!


In response to a supporter’s offer to symbolically foster him via Facebook, DSWT said, “We are currently giving Kiko the time and intensive care he needs to get over the trauma of being orphaned. When we feel sure he has overcome this hurdle, our Facebook friends will be the first to know. As / when he does join our foster program, we’ll let everyone know!”

It is so heartening to see that Kiko now has the hope of a brighter future stretching out before him, as opposed to the uncertain fate that would have been in store had he not been rescued. Let’s hope that his rehabilitation process runs smoothly, and that he has many years of health and safety ahead of him!

DSWT has helped hand-raise over 150 endangered baby elephants along with many other types of orphaned baby animals, like giraffes and emus, through its pioneering Orphans’ Project. This Project has also “accomplished its long-term Conservation priority by effectively reintegrating orphans back into the wild herds of Tsavo (National Park), claiming many healthy wild-born calves from former-orphaned elephants raised in our care.” This organization truly is a Conservation superhero. You can help them to continue with their life-saving work by making a donation or symbolically fostering an animal.

Lead Image Source: Nicholas Brown/Flickr

In-text Image Source: David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust/Facebook