Hurricane Matthew and its incredibly destructive winds and rain whipped through Haiti this past week, leaving a trail of destruction in its path. Many people are springing into action to make sure that the people affected have food, water, and any supplies they need to survive. But what about the hundreds of animals that were also affected by the storm? Who is coming to the aid of the creatures that had to deal with the Hurricane from the ground and got injured in the process? After all, with so many people evacuating and seeking shelter elsewhere, many animals were left behind in the terrifying chaos of it all.

Humane Society International (HSI) is one of the organizations that wasted no time getting to Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. The team arrived in Robin, Haiti and were met with hundreds of traumatized and injured animals. They quickly set up a clinic to provide veterinary, as well as emotional support, for these innocent creatures.


It was clear that some of the animals were abandoned at the time of the hurricane. Donkeys had cargo strapped to their bodies and were still tethered to their workstations. 

The HSI team approached the animals carefully and offered them food. They also were treating malnutrition in the clinic since some of the animals seemed very weak. 

The HSI team also encountered many of Haiti’s street dogs. The fact that they survived the intense hurricane with no proper shelter is a miracle of its own.  

The pups might not have eaten in a couple of days since the hurricane. They promptly gobbled up the food given to them by HSI. 

The clinic set up also treated some of the wounds, diseases, and parasites that were found on the animals. 

HSI stumbled upon all sorts of animals in need of help. According to John Peaveler, who leads HSI’s Animal Rescue Team, “There are hundreds of dogs, cats, goats, cows and donkeys who, just like the people here, have been through a traumatic event and their stress is apparent.”

With all of the veterinary care and vaccinations being administered, a lot less suffering is in store for these animals in the future. Amazing work, HSI!



While many people help from afar with donations, it’s amazing to see a rescue team that is getting to the root of the problem and helping the animals in need face to face. Of course, we wish HSI was visiting Haiti under better circumstances, but at least these animals are receiving some critical veterinary care that will have lasting effects and make their daily lives that much more comfortable. If you’d like to help HSI complete more of these rescue missions, considering donating to the cause.

All image source: Humane Society International/Facebook