We have some pretty awesome news for you! Burrito Brigade, a Portland-based non-profit that helps serve homeless communities, just celebrated a massive victory; the group delivered their 100,000th vegan burrito since forming in 2014!

To better serve the homeless, Burrito Brigade focuses on people living on the street who may be overlooked by other organizations. “In Portland, hundreds of burritos are handed out on production days to Right2Dream2Dignity Village, and organized camps such as Hazelnut Grove. But most are distributed under bridges, in parks, at intersections and bottle distribution centers and on the streets of downtown,” Burrito Brigade said.


Volunteers meet every second Sunday of the month at the Sunnyside Community House in Portland to prepare the tasty burritos. The group delivers burritos to the needy by car, bicycle, as well as on foot.

At one January event, Burrito Brigade handed out an amazing 738 vegan burritos to the homeless!

Volunteers also hand out water, fruit, bread, hand warmers, and rain ponchos. 

Individuals and organizations donate to Burrito Brigade and the group also gets donations from community gardens and organic food organizations. If non-vegan food is donated, Burrito Brigade will pass along the items to other organizations. What a great way to reduce food waste

Congratulations on your 100,000th burrito, Burrito Brigade! 


Burrito Brigade’s mission to bring healthy, organic, all-vegan meals to the homeless community is nothing short of inspiring. Their efforts are similar to Food Not Bombs, an organization that collects produce, bread, and other plant-based foods that can no longer be sold by grocery stores and distributes them to the community. There is also New York City-based Chili on Wheels, founded by a mom and son duo, that brings hot vegan meals to those in need. All of these wonderful organizations are restoring our faith in humanity!

If you are interested in volunteering or donating to Burrito Brigade, check out their website. You can also stay up to date on the awesome work they are doing by following their Facebook page. And don’t forget to share this incredible accomplishment with your friends and family!

Image Source: Burrito Brigade/Facebook