If this video of 16 baby orangutans riding together on a bus is not a serious must-watch, then we don’t know what is! The group of little orphans from the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation went on a bit of a journey together with their caretakers and the mode of transportation may seem quite unusual – but it made for the sweetest picture and some fun for the babies, for sure.

The orangutans were traveling on a bus to the organization’s new Baby House. Following several months of construction, the Baby House at the foundation’s Orangutan Reintroduction Center in Nyaru Menteng was opened in August 2017 and soon began to accommodate the babies from the foundation’s Nursery Group. The new complex is equipped with such additions as an indoor playground and enrichment facilities. It also has a special Forest School located close by that is designed especially for the little orangutans!


In their new house, the baby orangutans can enjoy every comfort and entertainment their dedicated team of carers have prepared for them – and begin to acquire the skills they will need in their natural habitat.

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