On Friday, January 22, Riverside County Animal Services responded to numerous calls about an opossum with multiple arrows jammed through its body. Rescuers were horrified by the animal’s condition when they arrived on the scene. 

The little guy was still alive despite having an arrow straight through the side of his head, and he appeared very alert according to onlookers. Apparently, he was attempting to remove the arrows himself! 


He was alive, but the arrows needed to be removed immediately. Luckily, staff veterinarians were standing by to perform the life-saving surgery.

While some people might not blink at the sight of an injured opossum, the entire Animal Services department was appalled by such a despicable act of blatant cruelty. Animal Services Director Robert Miller decried the act saying, “No animal, whether it’s a domesticated dog or cat, or a part of our wildlife, deserves to be treated in such a cruel manner.”

Although things looked incredibly bleak for the opossum, Animal Services happily reported that the surgery went well and he was in stable condition. Vet technicians have lovingly nicknamed the little guy “Robin.”He’s going to need some time to heal, but for now, everything seems to be looking up!

According to an update on the Riverside County Facebook page, Robin will likely be transported, when he’s well enough, to a community organization that specializes in wildlife rehabilitation. We hope that with time and care, this opossum will return to the wild where he belongs.


Animal Services plans to send out letters to members of the community informing them about this act and asking for information. If you have any tips or information that could help bring the perpetrator to justice, call (951) 358-7387 or email [email protected]

Lead image source: Sandy Auriene Sullivan/Flickr