There are regular jobs and then there are world changing jobs. In this busy, hustle and bustle world, sometimes it’s hard enough to remember to pay the electric bill let alone think about what drives you. All you know is that what you’re currently doing in order to pay said electric bill doesn’t really light your fire. Can you be blamed? You’re a passionate and creative person who is not afraid to do whatever it takes to fix the mess that is planet Earth. You want to use your superpowers to change the world and have fun while doing it.

Is that really too much to ask?


Fortunately, One Green Planet is hiring! We’re the largest independent media platform focused on sustainable food, animal/environmental protection, and cruelty-free/green living. If that’s not enough, we also just happen to be the biggest vegan/plant-based food and recipe site on the Internet and we want you to be a part of the deliciousness. Check out all our current job opportunities.

Editorial and Social Media

Sales and Marketing

Editorial Fellowships 

By being part of our team you not only get to make a difference in the world by actively pursuing your passions, you also get to work in a crazy fun, dog-friendly office located in New York City. Other benefits include healthcare for full-time employees, office ping pong tournaments, meetings in the park, fun times, and play sessions with Goji every day! Just check out our Instagram feed!


Are you an incredibly enthusiastic college student who can’t wait to take on the world – and maybe save it in the process? Are you a superhero in the making? Do you spend your days dreaming up new and fun ways you can help animals, save the environment, or become a full-fledged vegan chef? If you could, you would totally start working ASAP, but alas you have a few more years of college to get through before you’re fully ready for it. Well, if you’re looking to build your writing and communication skills while working in a fast-paced media company…

Then why not apply to One Green Planet’s Brand-Spankin’ New Summer Internship Program?

Interns will focus on working across One Green Planet content categories (FoodEarthBuzz, etc.) and work on projects that are close to their own interests and passions while receiving all the tools and guidance they need to help make them a reality. Responsibilities will vary but can include writing, formatting, proofreading, and fact-checking articles, as well as conducting research, and helping to carry out tasks and plans around the office. Duties may also include those of a Daily News writer.


To learn more and apply, click here! 


Here’s a glimpse of what life at One Green Planet is like





Not in NYC? Pass this post along, we’ve got a world to save!