Hear ye, hear ye! We hereby call all recently graduated Green Monsters who are environmentally and animal focused to come forth with your own unique blend of awesome and apply for our summer fellowship! There won’t be any rings or elves or epic battles in this fellowship, so don’t worry. There may be some vegan donuts in the office though. That totes happens sometimes.

My precious…

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If that sounds awesome, that’s because it is! Basically, we’re looking for the most creative, passionate, forward-thinking, sloth-loving (the animal, not the sleepiness situation) peeps to apply for a full time, paid summer fellowship in our New York office.

If you’ve recently graduated with a degree in Journalism, Communications, English or another related field of study, this three month program is an incredible way to sharpen your online media skills, broaden your horizons on issues related to animals and the environment and to work day-to-day with our editorial team.

This just in…

Huffington Post

In all seriousness, as the largest (and fastest growing) eco-conscious lifestyle platform on the Internet, One Green Planet proudly creates viral and thought-provoking content designed to inspire millions of monthly visitors to take action for the environment, animals and people alike.


The fellow’s responsibilities will include writing, formatting, proofreading, and fact-checking articles, as well as conducting editorial research. Duties may also include those of a Daily News writer. How Clark Kent is that?

It always comes back to donuts. Just saying.

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The deadline to apply is May 15, 2015 so click HERE for instructions on how you can become our next Frodo. Or Sam Gamgee. Or Legolas, heck, everyone in the fellowship of the ring was cool. Except Boromir, don’t be Boromir and go trying to steal stuff. Of course, what did we expect, Boromir was played by Sean Bean and stuff never ends well for that guy. For reals, he dies in every movie. It’s a thing.

It’s true. At least, around here it is. Come and find out for yourself!

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Don’t really fit the qualifications for this? Don’t worry, we still want to hear from you! We have lots of opportunities for collaboration and need Green Monsters like you to throw your names into the hat. Click HERE for all of the current job openings and internships at One Green Planet! Work with us, we can’t wait to get to know you!

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