When you hear about an abused animal finding a forever home, most people think of dogs or cats. However, they’re not the only animals seeking a safe place to live.  Horses need forever homes too.  The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) October 23 press release announced some good news for a horse named Patrick.


Patrick is an 11-year-old quarter horse from Texas.  He was found near death when San Antonio Animal Control seized him on July 17, 2013.  Patrick was not only starving but also dehydrated. San Antonio Animal Control kept Patrick for two and half months to bring him back to health.

While recovering at San Antonio Animal Control, he was able to gain weight and receive medical treatment.  Patrick was also gelded and given his vaccinations.

Patrick has now found his forever home at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch.  This 1,300-acre ranch in Murchison, Texas will offer Patrick a home where he can roam free among other horses. The ranch is operated by The Fund for Animals and is an affiliate of the HSUS.

According to the press release, Patrick’s new home “is the nation’s largest and most diverse animal sanctuary, home to more than 1,000 formerly abused, abandoned and neglected animals who are now living a life of peace and safety.”


Patrick is currently at the ranch and undergoing the typical protocol of a two week quarantine before he will be introduced to the 500 other horses on the ranch.  Patrick, once on the brink of death, will now be able to live the remainder of his life as it should be, free!

Image Source: HSUS