Who knew saving the world could be as easy as recycling your old clothes?! As her super-ish alter ego “Princess Layers,” Olivia Wilde is teaming up with DoSomething.org and H&M to help save the world from clothing waste, one graphic t-shirt at a time.

While tackling this problem may seem like it requires super powers, Wilde’s PSA shows that EVERYONE can get involved to make a difference by simply participating in the new Comeback Clothes campaign. All you have to do is collect all those old jeans and coffee-stained tops and turn them into your closest H&M store between April 17 and June 20. And don’t worry, the clothes do not have to be from H&M, they just need to be made of fabric!

And if recycling your old clothes isn’t enough to make you feel like a superstar– if you send a photo of yourself returning clothes to DoSomething.org, you are automatically entered into a raffle to win a $10,000 scholarship and a 15 percent discount off your next H&M purchase!

To learn more, check out Princess Layers a.k.a. Olivia Wilde’s PSA here and find out how you can become a “super-ish” hero.

Image source: Gage Skidmore / Wikipedia Commons